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Animaritime's Schedule is up and running. Check it out here:
Animaritime is excited to be hosting some fantastic guests this year. We have Geeks vs Nerds and Nathan DeLuca back in action and they are pumped for this years convention. We are pleased to announce first time guests Kat Kruger, Chris Tulach and the cinamatic duo from Periscope Pictures, Jason Rogers (film producer) and Harmony Wagner (director).
Find out more about our guests on our Guests page (
Hi Animaritime Fans,

Just a quick note that Animaritime will be on the IWK Telethon (June 4 & 5, 2016) on Sunday, June 5th at 1:47 pm. Animaritime has worked to assist the IWK's charity efforts with our Charity Auction since 2011 and we are proud to be one of many supporters of this wonderful charity. If you would like to watch and support the telethon we have been given a live streaming link ( which is set to go live on June 4th.

Please watch and support the IWK and their supporters efforts. If you share or re-post this please use the IWK's hashtag to get the word out.

Hi Animaritime Fans,

We are coming to the final days of pre-registration. Which means pre-registration ends May 31st.

This year we will be keeping online registration open so you will be able to keep on purchasing tickets online only (mail-ins will be deactivated at this time). Tickets will be available for purchase at the at-con price and all "at the door" priced tickets (including vendor and gaming only) will be made available. For registration information see our Registration page (

For more information contact:
AA registration is now open. See our website (…) for the application.

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