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In case you didn't hear or didn't get to make it to Animaritime's Closing Ceremonies, our mascot has a name and that name is Umi! Thank you all who voted!

We are currently in the process of creating a new banner and costume set for Umi based upon Animaritime's 2016 theme: Spies. If you have any suggestions for what Umi should wear or if you want to draw her for submission into filler art for the 2016 Reg Book send them to Umi's email:

Reminder: Staff Applications are open. If you are interesting in helping us make Animaritime 2016 the greatest convention yet, please sign up:
Hey Animaritime Fans,

The staff of Animaritime would like to thank everyone who participated and attended the convention this year. We had an attendance of 1,825 and we are supper excited to see what next year holds.

If you have not heard yet the theme for next year is Spies and we are already thinking up ways to make it enjoyable for you. The dates and location of next years convention are: July 1st-3rd, 2016 and we are back in Fredericton, NB at the Crowne Plaza and Fredericton Convention Centre.

In a few days we will be releasing a survey for you to let us know your thoughts on the convention and what you liked or think we need to improve.

Thanks again for all your support for the IWK Charity auction as I believe we exceeded our donation promise of $2,500. The final total will be posted once we have it.

We hope you had a lot of fun and made some new friends and we look forward to see you next year for the 2016 convention.
Hungry? Food is available at the James Joyce Pub located in the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Pizza Pockets:$3.00
Pogos: $2.50
Pop: $1.75

Open from noon til closing. Friday to Saturday only.
Registration book map is incorrect as there seems to be 2 Panel Room 2's! Rest assured we will have signs correcting this mistake but until then please note that Panel Room 2 is the Garrison Room on the second floor of the Crowne Plaza.

Devon, located in the Convention Centre is Panel room 3. Two events will be happening in this room which are missing on the reg book schedule (but still noted on the online schedule) - Plushie Making (10am - Saturday) and Survivor: Class Wars (11am - Saturday)
Today is the day! I hope everyone is excited for this event. We hope that everyone has a great time! Remember the staff are wearing either blue or red shirts with the Animaritime logo on it. Some maybe cosplaying on Saturday and/or Sunday but they will still have their Animaritime Staff Badge and be on the clock. See you soon!

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